_About Us_

The world is ‘progressing’ faster. We are changing and so are our habits. Our demands are crossing limits years after years. Today, majority of our requirements are just a click away from us. How easily we forget to relate that all our so called needs are fulfilled by using some or the other resources….. Earth Resources... Even a button that we click to fulfill our requirements is ultimately sourced out from Mother Nature. All our actions are going to have an impact nature that we all are part of and ultimately it is going to affect us. There is a link missing…. Here with this venture called as Oikoessence we try to connect that missing link.

Oikoessence is a joint venture started by two naturalists based in Mumbai. We believe that our every action counts. We also believe is using our resources wisely and spreading the word regarding it can play a major role in saving our very own nature.

All our programmes are based on environment/ nature. We have varieties of programmes for all age groups and provide consultancy/expertise on environment especially in creating awareness about it. We conduct interactive programmes like slideshows, workshops, quiz, nature trails, nature games and nature camps for all.

Come and join us in one of programmes.