_About the Team_

Dr. Shreya Bhanap

Dr. Shreya is a botanist and done her doctorate in the field of Ethnobotany. She likes to interact with the locals, tribals and understand the biodiversity of the respective area and giving helping hand in conserving nature. This hobby has taken her to start conducting nature trails and camps and educating people about importance of nature and sustainable development.

Gauri Gurav

She is a Botany Post Graduate from University of Mumbai. Thoroughly believes in Earth is the only planet where we can live in and we have to care for it. We do not have any other option to this. ‘If we need change in society then we have to be a part of that change’. Enjoys exploring new places, going back to same places, its people, their, culture, food, plants and animal everything…. Trying to learn from various places, people, biodiversity how well connected we are from our roots.